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  • Open Volunteer Position(s) in an international and volunteer-based project. This is a long-term position, but 'Internship' seemed like the most fitting category for this posting considering the unpaid framework.


    A lot of big changes are happening within our team here at The Preserve Journal, and we have decided that it is time to remake our design team, to shake things up completely, and lay a new path forward for new and exciting adventures!

    We are therefore looking for talented, passionate, and creative people to join our team of passionate volunteers. Our dream is to create a design team, who can work together across talents and platforms, rather than putting all the responsibility and decisions on one person alone. By creating this team, we hope to be able to facilitate awesome creative synergies and the sharing of ideas, workload, and talents.

    We are therefore looking for wonderful people who would be interested in these roles within our new design team:

     Lead Print Designer

    - Layout and graphic design of the printed publication

    - Art direction for the printed magazine - contacting and working with illustrators and photographers on content for articles

    - Responsible for handling the general print process and communication with the print house. Here, we of course, help wherever we can with our knowledge and previous experience

    - Development and innovation of the design aspect of the printed magazine and our visual communication

    Lead Digital Designer

    - Website/digital design, creation, development, innovation

    - Design and creation of design content for social media and website

    - Innovation/development of our overall digital universe and potential (we have many new ideas to explore, and would love to hear your new ideas!)

     (These tasks are not locked in, and we are very open to dialogue around the different roles and their respective tasks and focus areas. We are also very open to new ideas!)

    The different roles of course come with different tasks, focus, and responsibilities, but going forward our dream is for the design team to collaborate together where and whenever it makes sense. All work will of course also be done in close collaboration with our director to ensure a uniform message.

    It's important to mention that we are a small, independent, and volunteer-based project. However, we are seeing a growing interest - and our network of like-minded, passionate, and awesome humans is expanding by the day opening new doors and possibilities continuously. With these new design positions, we hope to offer you a growing platform for the explorations, promotion, and sharing of your skills, wishes, dreams, and talents. And our new designer(s) will be welcomed with open arms and given free space to develop our visual direction forward within your unique design visions! We dream of new and passionate designers who are excited about becoming an integral and committed part of this project going forward.

    We are an international team with members spread out over the globe - the positions can therefore easily be fulfilled from anywhere, and we welcome and enjoy diversity within our team!

    If any of these positions sound exciting to you, then please send us an email at hello@thepreservejournal.com with;⁠

    - A few words about yourself, your passions, interests, and background/experience⁠

    - A portfolio of your 3-5 favorite design projects/works⁠

    We can't wait to hear from you!

    With the warmest of wishes from Vienna,

    Michelle Skelsgaard Sørensen

    Founder & Director



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